“Do not fall in love,”

I said to myself.

“not anymore.”

I held my head high—

        –then I saw him.

        Spreading his smile,

        like a crescent moon,

        in the middle of July.

        Destroying my soul,

        with a pieces of hope,

        that once had been lost.





What If…?

What if–

your life is monstrous,

but his life so much great than yours?


What if–

you could see him everyday,

but you could never reach him in light of day?


What if–

he smile in front of you,

but his smile is not for you?


What if–

you think that he’s into you,

but everytime he walks,

his steps is not to you?


What if–

What if–


What if,

everytime he says “I love you”,

you suddenly wake up,

from your dazzling dream?