A Letter for My Childhood

Dear me the old me,

its been 15 years,

since I considered myself as a child.

long time, huh?


how are you?

I bet you’re still laying on your bed now,

or laying on the grass, hiding in the garage where Mama couldn’t find you. (believe me, she knows where you are. She’s just pretending.)

or you might still playing with your teddy bear–oh! how is Mr. Bear? are you still feeding him ’til now? let me remind you that he doesn’t like the taste of your cake, so don’t force him to eat those cakes.


speaking of which,

I miss you so much.

I miss the time when we did just play.

not homework,



I miss the time when all we want is just cookies.

not money,




Anyway, tell Mama and Papa to always maintain their health.

tell them that the ‘me’ now, is really, really missed them.

and for you,

Dear the old me,


don’t grow up.


it’s a trap.